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multiple eyeshadows

….Welcome to our first guest blogger with some great make-up tips from her blog over at Love, Olia….


I always get a lot of readers and friends that ask me what the correct way to apply eyeshadow, or blend colors is. To be honost, it took me an awful long time to figure it out. Not that it is entirely the hardest thing to do, but to actually sit down and take the time to attempt it is just, well… not first on my to do list. After years of wearing only one color shadow at a time, and getting my makeup done several times I realized it’s time to woman up and learn it! I’m not usually one to wear too much eye makeup but for special occasions I’m a fan. Hop you enjoy my step by step tutorial on applying a few shadows at one time! This particular look is a favorite of mine because I feel like I can wear it regularly rather than a really smokey eye.

Colors Used:

MAC Vanilla (lighter), MAC Tempting (medium), MAC Club (darker)

Step 1: Using a large eyeshadow brush, apply the lighter color to the base of lashes and blend all over eyelid. You can do this all the way up to brow bone.

Step 2: Using a different brush (some people use a crease defining brush but I sometimes just stick to a regular brush) apply the second shade (medium color) into the outer part of the eyelid and blend. You can see this in photo 3 above.


You can stop here if you choose to only use two colors. For 3 colors continue on..


Step 3: Using a blending brush, use your darker color in the crease and blend outward. Use circular motions to blend well.


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